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Mosaic Movements' mission is to produce professional interdisciplinary art that champions and preserves diasporic narratives, history and experiences rooted in transformative justice. Through a commitment of nurturing the development of  BIPOC and Queer artists to create art collectively on a local, national and global level, we empower and engage patrons and community to transcend social and cultural differences. We strive for a society where diverse voices are celebrated, and art drives profound social change and equity.


Mosaic Movements envisions a vibrant artistic community, uniting voices through transformative interdisciplinary and collaborative art practices. Committed to artistic excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration, we foster inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. Through collaborative art practices, we amplify the voices of artists, including those from local and global communities, LGBTQ individuals, and marginalized artists, building collective power. Our dedication to transformative narratives empowers individuals, shaping a future of liberation, collaboration, and care. Transforming worldviews for justice, we engage patrons to impact their perspectives, fostering shared empowerment and a sense of belonging within our dynamic and inclusive artistic community. Here, diverse voices thrive in a society that values authenticity, celebrates diversity, and empowers every individual, making art a transformative force that unites communities and transcends boundaries.

Our Values

  • Artists, Complexity and Critical Dialogue

  • Celebrating Indigenous and Diasporic voices and narratives

  • Building & Engaging Community

  • Authenticity & Boldness

  • Respect, Responsibility and Accountability

  • Equity and Liberation

  • Love, Healing and Justice

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