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Meet yoleidy Rosario-Hernandez

About Me

Artists Statement

I am an Afro-Dominican & Tainx trans artist, using diverse mediums to share transformative stories that shed light on pressing social justice issues and the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Rooted in indigenous and diasporic cultures, my art transcends language to convey profound emotions and shared experiences. Through a harmonious blend of artistic forms, I create a visceral experience, confronting our flawed perceptions and encouraging positive change. Inspired by the resilience in struggles for justice, my work boldly addresses systemic injustices, amplifies marginalized voices, and challenges norms of gender, identity, and race. Central to my practice is the disruption of norms, providing a platform for often-overlooked stories and perspectives. The fusion of artistic mediums serves as a confrontation of our individual and collective responsibilities in perpetuating systemic injustice, fostering growth, and creating opportunities for all to thrive, transcending racial barriers and nurturing unity. Ultimately, my art invites transformative dialogue about social identities, sparking imagination for a future where every individual is valued, respected, and celebrated, dismantling systemic racism, and enriching our collective human experience.

-Yoleidy Rosario-Hernandez

My Work

Meet Yoleidy Rosario-Hernandez

Film Projects and Documentaries

Film Projects and Documentaries

Street Photography