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The Mosaic Narrative Project is a multidisciplinary, intergenerational and multimedia framework that brings awareness to social justice issues while elevating, celebrating, and raising the voices of marginalized stories that need to be told in the intentional spirit of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion through the arts, education and dialogue. 


Warriors of Sarasota

Warriors of Sarasota

Warriors of Sarasota

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Warriors of Sarasota film series explores the interconnections between Black and Latinx identity, sisterhood, and identity through a multidisciplinary and artist collaborative lens and the fusion of documented narratives of powerful women of color. Join us for a storytelling event featuring stories of local women of color who are leading the way as educators, community organizers, cultural practitioners, activists, and advocates.


Previous Projects

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Violet Stripes brings together an intergenerational LGBTQ collective of folx, including Ringling College students and local Sarasota-Manatee residents, to share stories of their individual journeys. These powerful stories range from personal discovery and acceptance, to coming out, to facing intolerance and discrimination, to embracing love.  


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